Get together in Resort Naaranlahti

Events, social gatherings and family celebrations

Resort Naaranlahti offers premises and services both in indoor and outdoor environments for different events.

With our dining room (seating capacity 40 persons) in the main building, catering service and the accommodation capacity (+80 beds available) Resort Naaranlahti is a beautiful location in the Finnish countryside i.e. for social gatherings and family events.     

Social gatherings for businesses

Looking for a place in the Finnish countryside where to promote fellowship with your customers or other stakeholders? We are happy to create social gatherings for your company in and around the Resort Naaranlahti, surrounded by the Lake Puruvesi.  

Our service package can be tailored to include meals, refreshments as well as outdoor activities such as canoeing/kayaking, horse riding and biking. If you wish to offer your group a truly Finnish experience, our sauna on the beach is at your service!

Outdoor events

Resort Naaranlahti organises Puruvesi SwimRun event every year in June. The main arena for the event is the Lake Puruvesi, famous in Finland for its extraordinary clear water (click the photo to learn more).  

You are most welcome to attend our events - or to innovate new events with us. We are interested to hear about possible ideas for co-operation!

Family celebrations

Resort Naaranlahti is a pittoresque location for for your family calebrations like birthdays, graduations and weddings.

We are happy to customise the services based on your needs and expectations. Our service packages can include meals, activities and accommodation.

Call us or send an email / +358 15 473 123 and let's start discussions how we can serve you and your group.