100 years old sauna by the Lake Puruvesi, Saimaa

100 years old sauna by the Lake Puruvesi, Saimaa

Kesälahdentie 1614, 58520 Hiukkajoki

For those who appreciate experiences with a touch of nostalgia, we offer a unique opportunity to step back in time at this 100-year-old wood-heated lakeside sauna on the shores of Lake Puruvesi. The traditional sauna experience invites you to unwind amidst the tranquility of nature and gentle steam. The historic ambiance combined with the stunning lake views creates an unforgettable chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a moment to breathe. Welcome, here you can relax with your family on the beautiful sandy beach.


  • Maximum capacity: 10 people
  • Remember to bring your own towel
  • Local bathing products are provided in the sauna for washing


Sauna instructions:

  • Add wood to the stove before entering the sauna. The firebox doesn't need to be full, but there should be at least a small fire. In a wood-heated sauna, it's important to keep the fire going continuously, so add more wood as needed during sauna.
  • Use a saunapaper while in the sauna to keep the benches clean. Disposable saunapaper are available near the sauna entrance. You can burn the disposable saunapaper in the firebox or dispose of it in the trash after sauna.
  • You can sauna naked, in a swimsuit, or wrapped in a towel – whichever feels natural to you. When washing in the sauna, mix hot and cold water in a container and use a ladle to pour water. You don't need to shower after sauna; the purpose is to cleanse in the sauna.
  • The sandy beach is suitable for both children and adults. Please supervise children while they swim.
  • Although the sauna is reserved for private use, there may be swimmers or boaters on the beach.
  • When you finish sauna, add a couple of logs to the firebox and replenish water in the water buckets and the stove's water container. There's a tap on the wall for water.

Enjoy your sauna moments!