Hiking, picking up berries & mushrooms

Hiking, picking up berries & mushrooms

Kesälahdentie 1614, 58520 Hiukkajoki

We have amazing nature around the Naaranlahti! You can spend short or longer time in the forest and enjoy clean air with beautiful landscape.


Puruvesipolku is a hiking and biking trail, which goes through typical Finnish landscapes shaped by the ice age. The scenery varies from forests and lakes to agricultural countryside. Upload the map with you!



Nature's Treasures – Berry and Mushroom Foraging

Valid: July 1st - September 30th

Price: €65 per person

Description: Discover forest delicacies and learn to identify different berries and mushrooms under expert guidance. Join us to enjoy the countryside's offerings and the tranquility of nature. Treasures of forest is yours! Book guided trip to pick blueberries, lingonberries and many different mushrooms by the season around the Naaranlahti.