Kesälahdentie 1614, 58520 Hiukkajoki

Set Sail – Boat Rental

Valid: May 1st - October 30th

Price: Starting from €98/day (20 hp)

Description: Explore the stunning lake nature of Puruvesi at your own pace with a rowboat or motorboat (5hp-60 hp). The package includes life jackets, a map, and instructions for use, so you can head out on the water with peace of mind.

We have different kind of boats available for you:

Prices starting from

  • 4hp with 2 stroke  37€/day,185€/week
  • 5hp with 4 stroke 45€/day, 225€/week
  • 15hp +wheel 76€/day, 380€/week
  • 20hp +wheel 98€/day, 440€/week
  • 40hp +wheel 116€/day, 580€/week
  • 50hp +wheel 135€/day, 675/week

A map and life jackets are included in the price. The deposit for rent is 500€. A fee for fuel is added to the price according to consumption.


20 hp Yamarin 42 with a wheel  

The small and light boat is easy to handle and is well suited for day trips as well as fishing. Load capacity 4 people

  • Length 4.25 m
  • Width 1.68 m