Kesälahdentie 1614, Hiukkajoki 58520

Lake Puruvesi, Saimaa is The fishing paradise!

Resort Naaranlahti is located right by the Lake Puruvesi, which is famous of its clear water (transparency 11,2 m, color of water 6 PtCo) and outstanding fishing possibilities. The Lake Puruvesi provides excellent fishing environment with its scattered shorelines and numerous islands. Lake Puruvesi is part of Saimaa and itself has area of 320 km2 of open water. Lake Puruvesi attracts every year a great number of fishermen to catch salmon, northern pike, perch, lavaret, vendace, roach, ide/ orfe and bream.

We provide fishing guiding and trips to nature nearby throughout the year. We have professional facilities, equipment: rods, reels and lures, echolot, downrigger, floating suites and skills, which are ready for you to use and enjoy.


Fisherman's Dream – Perch Jig Fishing

Valid: June 1st - September 30th

Price: Starting from €380 (3 people)

Description: Join a guide for perch jig fishing on Puruvesi. The package includes everything you need: boat transportation, fishing gear, and life jackets. A perfect day on the water fishing!